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Three Counties President’s Cup Rules

                                     AMENDED several times and on 22/11/22

  1.     Competition shall be played as two rinks of four players in MIXED FORMAT (each rink must be mixed format).  18 ends to be played. This will be on the challengers green and you will toss for which rink plays the extra end before the start of play. At the start of the tie, the home team to lay their scorecards face down separately.  The visiting captain to then randomly place one scorecard on each of the home teams scorecards.  The visiting captain to then randomly allocate rinks to each pile based on the rinks being used on the day.
  2. Each round to be arranged by the arrange by date played by the play by date. The team drawn at home shall be the Challengers, and shall offer their opponents three dates, one of which shall be a Saturday or Sunday, unless the Opponents are agreeable to three weekdays. The Challengers shall be responsible for making contact by the arrange by date. If no contact is made the Opponents must offer the Challengers any date of their choice, which must be adhered to. If inclement weather prevents the arranged game to go ahead or interrupts the completion of the game the following arrangements are to be implemented. The rescheduled game is to be played within 14 days of the final target date for that round.Two substitute players per club may be used neither shall be able to skip on a started match Should the player affected be a skip, his duties and position in the team shall be taken up by the 3rd player and the substitute shall play lead, 2nd or 3rd. If fewer than five ends have been played, the restart shall be from scratch. If more than five ends have been played the restart shall be from where the match stopped. The competition secretary to be informed of all rearranged matches arrangements.  Should a match be abandoned it will be classed as a full match once 11 ends have been completed.
  • The winning club shall notify the results by phone, email, whatsapp or text/picture message to the competition secretary on the day the game is played and wait for notification of next round opponent. Any result not received by the end of the closing date or within 2 days of an interrupted game being played, shall be awarded to the losing team