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BDBA Rules

Rinks League shall be of 21 ends, 3 Rinks to constitute Team. Scoring shall be 1 point for each winning rink and 2 points for the higher aggregate.

In the event that two or more teams tie on points for the league title the winners shall be the team with the best shot average.

In the fours league up to two absentees will be allowed in each team on three separate occasions only each season. For each absentee player the team will play a team of three. The lead and two playing three bowls each shall make up the number of bowls. 25% of the total shots scored by each ‘four” playing three men shall be deducted from their score at the end of the game. In the event of both teams turning up players short and a team of three being drawn against a team of three they shall still play as though they are playing a four, i.e. only 8 woods per end and both “threes” will deduct 25% of their shots at the end. Should a team turn up more than 15 minutes late or be in violation of this rule (23c) concerning absentee players, they will not play the match and will receive no points. They will also have 2.5 points deducted from their total for the season. I’he innocent team will be awarded, at the end of the season, a number of points (rounded up to the nearest half point) equal to the average of the points from all games played during the season. The match will not be rearranged.

24 Postponed matches

a) Matches may he postponed or abandoned due to weather conditions or greens being unplayable due to circumstances beyond the control of the home club, and the league Secretary informed within 3 days. Postponed or abandoned games under this rule must be played by the end of September.

(b) A team may, on one occasion in a season, request that a match be postponed for reasons not covered in rule 24(a). They must notify their opponents and the league secretary at least 36 hours prior to the original fixture date that they want the match postponed.

(c)Games postponed under rules 24a and 24b must be rearranged on a date mutually agreed by both teams within 14 days of the postponement and the league secretary must be informed of the revised date. Postponed games under this rule must be played by the third Friday in September.

(d) Postponed games not played by the end of September will be treated as the team originally requesting the postponement failing to turn up and they will receive a further 2.5 point deduction from their points total while the innocent team will receive an average as per rule 23(b) and (c).

25. Re-arrangements.

Matches may be brought forward by mutual consent of the Clubs. The League Secretary must be given notice of the rearranged match.

26. Result Reporting

The home teams will be responsible for notifying the results to the League Secretary.

27. Abandoned Matches.

Matches abandoned after 10 ends have been completed by at least 2 rinks will he treated as a completed match and the result at that time shall stand. Matches abandoned before 10 ends have been completed by at least 2 rinks shall be treated as void and shall he rearranged as per rule 24. This rule applies to both triples and fours leagues.

28. Bad Light

Games played in late August and September may be shortened by mutual agreement prior to the start of the game. Fours games may be reduced to 14 ends and Triples games reduced to 12 ends

Don’t forget, Home teams to report match results to League Secretary asap after match and at latest by 12 Noon on the following day.