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Message from the President 11th May 2021

Alton Bowling Club was established in 1884 and has been located in the Alton Public Gardens since 1954.

The Alton Bowling Club is fully affiliated with Bowls England, Bowls Hampshire, the Basingstoke and District Bowling Association, the Whitchurch Bowling League, the 3 Counties Bowling League and the Stan Hardman League.

As with all outdoor sporting activities, Alton Bowling Club has suffered from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic however, it has survived and is back doing what it does best, bowling. This without doubt is the result of the enthusiasm and efforts of its members and managing committee. I say this because the strength of Alton Bowling Club is through its members and it is this kindred spirit that we offer to Alton as its primary bowling club and extend to all those who wish to take part in the sporting activity that welcomes old and new, beginners, novices and those with bowling experience. 

For those who like the majority of us who had no initial knowledge of the game we offer the services of experienced coaching staff to get you started. This will soon lead to voluntarily playing with more experienced members in a series of friendly matches against other bowling clubs. In addition, Monday and Thursday afternoons are normally set aside for members to engage in practice roll ups and where required one to one tutoring with a qualified coach.

Each year Alton Bowling Club hold a series of internal club competitions open to all. For singles winners, men and ladies this opens the door to compete in their respective County and National Champion of Champion competitions. Externally, we are currently active in league competitions within the Basingstoke and District league, Whitchurch League (for which we enter 2 teams), Stan Hardman League and the 3 Counties League (again in which we enter 2 teams). More experience players are active in both County and National competitions and it is club policy to encourage all members, irrespective of experience to participate in all competitions. 

The success of Alton Bowling Club can be summed up simply as providing a friendly, competitive and welcoming environment that we can be proud of. Remember, we are in the Alton Public Gardens and when bowling is taking place you are welcome to pop in, there will always be someone to answer any question you may have. You may even fancy some refreshment.